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ACIGI Relaxation / Fujiryoki ACIGI Relaxation / Fujiryoki
We have been supporting the health and beauty of customers worldwide for many years through our medical device such as potential, ultrashort wave and low-frequency therapy equipment and hearing aids.
Patient Now Patient Now
PatientNow is an innovative healthcare technology company that creates practice management and EMR software for physicians such as plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical spas and others.
Powerful anti-oxidant serum that helps prime skin prior to cosmetic procedures. Formulated with a high ...
Emunition E2 Serum
An elegant body moisturizer that nourishes dry and chafed skin by getting deep into the ...
FibriJet® Biomaterial Applicators & Tips
The innovative design provides a variety of single-use applicators and tips for the dispensing of ...
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